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UNASUR condemns attempt of coup d’etat in Ecuador

UNASUR condemns attempt of coup d’etat in Ecuador

In extraordinary meeting carried out in Buenos Aires in the dawn of last Friday, October 1st, the Union of the South American Nations (UNASUR) decided to condemn energetically the attempt of coup d´etat in Ecuador.

The ministers of Foreign Relations of the bloc must follow to Quito to express the support to President Rafael Correa.

Ecuador chairs the UNASUR, which in November will start to be commanded by Guyana.

In Joint Declaration, the UNASUR condemns still the seizure of the president in a hospital of the capital and emphasizes the necessity of which the responsible ones for the uprising are punished.

Besides, they reinforce that the member-countries won´t tolerate under any hypothesis any attempt of institutional break in the region.

According to the document, “in case of new uprisings, will be adopted concrete and immediate measures, such as closures of borders, suspension of the trade, air traffic, supply of energy and services”.


The UNASUR decided still to include in the Constitutive Treaty of the bloc, a democratic clause. The affair will be discussed on November 26 in the Summit of Chiefs of State, in Georgetown.

Participated of the meeting the presidents of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, besides the Secretary-General of the UNASUR, the Argentinean ex-president Nestor Kirchner.

Brazil was represented by the Secretary-General of the Itamaraty, Ambassador Antônio Patriota. The Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo also didn´t show up.

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