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Ecuador denies arms race in the South America
UNASUL will have agenda of problems in Guyana

UNASUR is going to adopt transparency in military

UNASUR is going to adopt transparency in military expenses

The Union of the South American Nations (UNASUR) decided, this Tuesday, to adopt proceedings that will allow the member-countries to make the military expenses transparent.

The bloc discussed the issue in the sidelines of the Ninth Conference of the American Ministers of Defense, which happens in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

In accordance with the decision, the 12 countries of the UNASUR will have still to make their strategies and military operations transparent.

In the opinion of the Minister of Defense of Ecuador, Javier Ponce Ceballos, who answers for the South American Council of Defense (CDS), the countries of the region decided to leave the media declarations to pass to the concrete actions.

The agreement will still be submitted to the presidents of the countries that integrate the UNASUR, which will happen on day 26, in Georgetown, Guyana.

“The approval of this agreement happened as part of a set of measures of mutual confidence to assure the peace in the sub region”, explained Ponce Ceballos.

He pointed out still the importance of the countries agree in informing the bloc about the agreements of cooperation that may be signed with countries of other regions.

The Congress of the United States will approve up to the end of the year, measures that will allow the North American government to make information transparent regarding its military expenses.

In June, the Peruvian president, Alan Garcia, denounced that the Latin America spent, in five years, US$ 25 billion dollars in armaments and that in next five years, other US$ 35 billions will be spent.

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