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Unasur is waiting for ratification

Unasur is waiting for ratification

Marcelo Rech


On the 4th of May, the presidents of the countries that integrate the Union of the South American Nations (Unasur), meet in Buenos Aires to elect the Argentinean ex-president Nestor Kirchner, Secretary-General of the organism.


According with the Minister of Foreign Relations of Ecuador, Ricardo Patiño, Kirchner has been guaranteeing the votes of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela.


To be elected, Nestor Kirchner needs the votes of the 12 member countries.


This Tuesday, Patiño met with diplomatic authorities of Chile in Santiago. Up to the end of the week, the chancellor will visit Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Lima.


Besides working for the election of Kirchner, he looks for the ratification of the Constitutive Treaty of the Unasur.


Up to the moment, only Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana and Venezuela, did it.


To have “legal life” the Unasur needs to be ratified by at least nine countries.


Ecuador practises the pro-tempore presidency of the entity and intends to reach this objective up to July or August, when it hands over the mandate to Guyana.


In the May meeting, the Unasur also must discuss the help that will be offered for the reconstruction of Chile, reached by a strong earthquake on the 27th of February.


Next week, a group of delegates of the entity will meet in Quito to discuss the subject.


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