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Jobim defends industrial base of solid Defense
Euro-Latin-American Summit threatened

Unasur will have center of strategic studies for D

Unasur will have center of strategic studies for Defense

Marcelo Rech

The Union of the South American Nations (Unasur) decided to create a center of strategic studies that will work in Buenos Aires and that is going to help the South American Council of Defense.

In the further weeks, the statute of the center must be approved.

The expectation is that the whole structure of Security and Defense of the South America will be re-defined from the works carried out by the center.

The South American Council of Defense will also dispose of a juridical instrument to guide the regional acting, regularizing and re-defining, if necessary, the terms and the valid rules in the block.

Chile, Ecuador and Peru have concrete positions about that and the perspective is that it will be consolidated in the next years.

In the evaluation of the Itamaraty, the most important thing is that the Unasur become institutionalized as soon as possible, since the South America is the last region of the world that still didn´t get organized around an integrated project among nations.

According to the Minister of the Defense, Nelson Jobim, the South American Council of Defense walks towards a model of shared responsibility, in the molds adopted by Europe.

He recognized that the Council is a result of a complex and difficult decision, full of success, which looks for the creation of an industry of South American Defense.

Jobim rejected any possibility of the Council to work like the NATO.

The Minister revealed that, in the context of the Council, an intelligence center was created to act in the frontier between Colombia and Ecuador, to confront the threats of the illegal drug trade and of the guerrilla of the Farc.

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