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Uruguay recognizes Palestinian State

Uruguay recognizes Palestinian State

This Tuesday,  March 15, the Uruguayan government recognized the Palestinian State, adding up to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua and Venezuela, which did it in the Latin America in 2010.

It is also probable that the European Union follows the wave of recognitions still in the first semester of this year.

The Spanish government already informed that it will do it up to the end of 2011.

The Minister of Foreign Relations of Israel, Avigdor Lieberman, affirmed that the recognition of the Palestinian State must be a part of a temporary agreement and with provisional frontiers.

Israel doesn´t hide its preoccupation with the wave of recognitions of the Palestinian State and puts pressure so that the process is braked under penalty of contaminating the negotiations of peace in the region.

In the evaluation of the Israeli government, the unilateral recognition of the Palestinian State is good for nothing.

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