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USA accepts to inform Unasur about agreement with

USA accepts to inform Unasur about agreement with Colombia

This Tuesday, in Quito, the North American General Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, joined with the president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, and promised that the Union of the South American Nations (Unasur), will be informed about the use of seven Colombian military bases by the United States.

Clinton was also in Lima and Bogota, as a part of her second visit to the region.

Besides the military subject, Clinton came to discuss questions like immigration, combat to the illegal drug trade, commerce and cooperation.

It is about a joint offensive with the allied countries to reinforce old alliances and to negotiate to rebuild relations with Ecuador, Bolivia and other countries.

Hilary Clinton explained that the military agreement with Colombia is directed specifically to the struggle against the drug trade and the insurgency.

Rafael Correa affirmed that the agreement preoccupies the region and that, in spite of the presented justifications and guarantees, there is space for doubts about the acting of the North American soldiers in the South America.

Correa explained that the dialog with the United States about the use of the Colombian bases will be constant.


From Bogota, the Minister of Foreign Relations of Colombia, Jaime Bermúdez, reiterated that the United States is a strategic partner and that the bilateral relation is solid.

According to him, the Treaty of Free Trade negotiated between both countries represents an important instrument of combat against the drug trade and the terrorism.

Bermúdez detached that Colombia bets in the regional integration though he sees this process with a little bit of skepticism.

According to the Colombian chancellor, his country felt isolated last year in the Summit of Bariloche, when there was discussed the military agreement secured with the United States.

“About the agreement signed by Brazil and the United States, almost nothing, or even nothing, was spoken”, he remembered.

In his evaluation, so that the regional integration becomes real, it is necessary that the countries discuss subjects like the presence of terrorist groups in the region, illegal drug trade, traffic of weapons and their purchase by other countries.

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