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USA delivers US$ 1,2 million in military material

USA delivers US$ 1,2 million in military material to Ecuador

To elevate the potential of the control and inspection operations in the frontier with Colombia, the United States delivered to the Armed Forces of Ecuador a total of US$ 1,2 million in military equipments.


The Ecuadorian soldiers received pieces and accessories for tactic vehicles, boats, nocturnal viewfinders, global positioning systems (GPS), bionic “ears”, and others.


The contribution is part of the program of North American military assistance in Ecuador.


The United States want that Ecuador has conditions of making more effective the operations against the drug-dealing and the Farc guerrilla in the jungle.


The Joint Command of the Ecuadorian Armed Forces guaranteed that all the efforts are being undertaken so that the frontier with Colombia gets protected.


The government of Ecuador informed that the soldiers are receiving the whole necessary infrastructure in the bases of Manabí, Aerial-Naval Station and Air Base of Eloy Alfaro de Manta, and in the Naval Base of Jaramijó.


According to the Vice Minister of the Defense of Colombia, Jorge Mario Eastman, the collaboration of Ecuador has been extraordinary in the struggle against the illegal groups.


The relations between the two countries are still tense since the attack of the Colombian Army to a camp of the Farc in Ecuador.


Eastman affirmed that the government of Colombia doesn´t support the pride of the ex-Minister of the Defense and presidential candidate Juan Manuel Santos, who ordered the attack in Angostura.

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