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USA discards UNASUR in the OAS’ place

USA discards UNASUR in the OAS’ place

The government of the United States acknowledges the importance of the Union of the South American Nations (UNASUR) as a mechanism able to neutralize tensions and political crises in the region, but doesn’t want to see it occupying the place of the centennial Organization of the American States (OAS).

According to Arturo Valenzuela, Undersecretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, of the Department of State, the UNASUR doesn´t attenuate the role of the OAS.

In his evaluation, “the OAS has a dynamic role to fulfill, protecting the interests of its member-countries, whether large or small, besides being the most ancient regional forum of the world”.

Valenzuela explained that the UNASUR can fulfill a key role by conducting its work in the promotion of the confidence and by helping to avoid the polarization and the regional conflicts.

“This doesn’t dilute the singular role of the OAS as developer of a wide scale of international conventions and treaties that contribute with the Inter-American system”, he affirmed.

Arturo Valenzuela also advocated the North American president Barack Obama.

According to him, “Obama is forging a new perspective for the politics of the United States, and this perspective is respectful, sensitive and realistic”.

In this regard, he emphasized that the North American government carries out efforts destined to create an efficient policy for the Latin America.

For Valenzuela, the United States shouldn’t continue with the “myopic bilateralism”, in which the country focuses in the narrow bilateral interests in a country without realizing the impact of these policies in the region as a whole.

He reaffirmed still that the country will keep the leader´s role in the incitement of the open markets in the hemisphere.

“President Obama is commited with the advancement of the agreements of free trade, both with Panama as with Colombia”, he assured.

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