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Venezuela and Chile are going to lead creation of

Venezuela and Chile are going to lead creation of the CELAC

In the last weekend, chancellors and diplomatic representatives of the Latin-American and Caribbean countries met in Caracas and decided that Venezuela and Chile will lead the process of creation of the Community of the Latin-American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

The two countries were put in charge of writing the statutes of the new organism of integration.

The decision confirms what was accorded in Cancún, Mexico, in the beginning of the year, when was created a Unified Forum presided by the two countries for the coordination of the works in the 2010-2012 period.

In these two years, Venezuela and Chile have to define the document of proceedings of the future Community.

It was also decided to create a workgroup to support the countries that are responsible for the consolidation of the organism.

During two days, the delegations of the Latin-American and Caribbean countries debated several subjects of interest to the region, like the eradication of the poverty, the illiteracy, the economical and financial cooperation and the energetic resources.

The Minister of Foreign Relations of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, presented the “Plan Caracas”, a set of objectives that intend to consolidate the integration of the countries that constitute the CELAC in several areas.

Venezuela defends in this document “the necessity of being built a multilateral and fair system of trade that satisfies the necessities of the people about to develop, with the objective of reducing the requisites that demand the financial organisms in the moment of releasing credits”.

Venezuela supports still the cooperation between the already existent regional organisms like ALBA, Petrocaribe, Mercosur, Unasur, Andean Community, SICA, CARICOM and Sella.

The Venezuelan chancellery informed that the meeting was preparatory for the Summit of Chiefs of State and Government, which will be carried out in Caracas on July 5 of 2011.

The idea is that the Community of the Latin-American and Caribbean States starts to work formally in above-mentioned date.

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