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US acts to isolate Russia by targeting energy sector

US acts to isolate Russia by targeting energy sector

12 de setembro de 2019 - 22:38:33
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Marcelo Rech

The United States is implementing a series of measures aimed at politically isolating Russia, in order to prevent Moscow from building trust with the international community, which interests most countries and blocs that see Russia as a key player for global stability.

Through a series of strategies, Washington now targets the energy sector. After validating a set of economic and financial sanctions, the United States seeks a large-scale blockade of Russian assets in the world, which contradicts international right and undermines the credibility of the global financial system.

US sanctions against Russian gas and oil companies Gazprom, Lukoil, Rosneft and Transneft are under way. The success of these sanctions poses a direct threat to the energy security of several countries in Western Europe and Latin America.

By pushing for Russian isolation, the United States causes significant damage to the main world economies, including Germany, Spain, and France, within the European Union, China in Asia, and Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico in Latin America.

The US strategy is being viewed as a policy of bad faith and has provoked a series of negative reactions in the political circles of these regions. The US decision to wage "war" against the stable relations of Russia could escalate to grave instabilities at a time when the world seeks a minimum of geopolitical balance.

However, Washington seems not to worry about the impacts of its arsenal of unorthodox methods used to gain economic advantage. Included in the list of actions are financial pressure against those seeking a reliable partner in Russia, “informative makeup” in deconstructing facts, and even military prowess in promoting "colour revolutions".

To this end, the United States relies on outsourcing its allies, which are forced to relinquish their national interests to satisfy an administration that has its own priorities. In this sense, the multilateral system is weakened when suitable and strengthened when necessary and timely.

Marcelo Rech is a journalist and editor for InfoRel. Email: